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create the landscape you want

Take the maintenance out of your lawn and let us install artificial turf. The turf we use not only looks like the real thing, but it feels like it, too. We have skilled and trained installers who don't cut corners and we use only high quality product. Have your lawn look green all year long!

Transform your outdoor space with the carefree beauty and low-maintenance luxury of artificial turf. Our premium synthetic grass offers a year-round green oasis, providing a vibrant, evergreen lawn without the hassle of seeding, mowing or watering. Perfect for residential lawns, commercial spaces, and rooftop gardens, our artificial turf is durable and UV-resistant. This ensures a vibrant appearance in any weather. Say goodbye to muddy patches in your yard and hello to a consistently colorful landscape that withstands heavy foot traffic and pet play. In addition, enjoy water conservation benefits, as artificial turf requires no irrigation, saving both time and resources. Our talented team of professionals makes your “fake grass” installation easy and results in a beautiful presentation. Typical artificial turf installations are quick, with seamless workmanship.


Artificial Turf Chattanooga, TN Residents Trust

Don't just own a lawn; own a durable masterpiece. Transform your space today with the unparalleled allure of artificial turf. With competitive pricing, excellent customer service, and an eye for detailed aesthetics, GreenStreet Landscape Company gets the job done right every single time. Our landscape design team takes the time to personalize each space with every client, ensuring results that fulfill every wish. Whether you’re wanting a low-maintenance yard that never fades gray, or a fun place for your animals to play safely without compromising the look of your greenery, GreenStreet has your back. Call us today to begin designing the maintenance-free, long-lasting landscape you’ve been dreaming of.

Choose GreenStreet for Artificial Turf Installation

Unleash the full potential of your outdoor space with our diverse range of cutting-edge turf solutions. Elevate your golf game with our precision-crafted putting greens artificial turf, perfectly engineered to replicate the feel of a professional green. Pamper your pets with our synthetic pet turf, offering a soft and durable surface that withstands hours of running and play while ensuring a mess-free environment. Embrace the beauty of low-maintenance living with our synthetic lawn turf: a lush, vibrant alternative that remains stunning and eye-catching throughout the seasons. Choose versatility, durability, and aesthetic appeal with our premium synthetic turf options, hand chosen to compliment every aspect of your landscaping needs.

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