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4 Steps to Having Beautiful Azaleas

Along with the wide spread early blooming of daffodils in our area, we also discovered these azalea blossoms this morning. They make us hopeful that either spring is here, or it's just around the corner!

Azaleas are widely popular in our Chattanooga area due to their ability to thrive in our climate of sufficient rainfall, humid summers, and acidic soils. Azaleas are mostly low maintenance and they often don’t have issues with insects or diseases. Here are some tips to keep in mind as you plant your new azaleas or want to keep your existing ones looking their best.

1. Planting

Azaleas should be planted in the spring or early fall. Most varieties prefer partial sun exposure so avoid deep shade or full sun. Our Georgia and Tennessee clay is no friend to the azalea as they require well-drained, yet moist soil. They also like soil that contains some acid and is humus rich as well. Azaleas are a shallow-rooted plant and need to be planted where their roots are ground level. Planting them too far in the ground can cause rotting of their roots.

2. Mulching

In the spring on your established azaleas or after you have planted your new ones, be sure to mulch well around the base. Since azaleas are shallow-rooted, they can dry out quickly. Using pine bark chips or pine needles will keep the soil acidic and moist and promote flower-bud formation.

3. Watering

Water your azalea plants when they are newly planted or if your area is going through a drought, like we had in 2016! Overhead watering works well since they absorb water through their foliage as well as their roots. Morning is the best time to do your watering as it helps the leaves have enough time to dry and avoid any fungal diseases.

4. Pruning

If you want beautiful azaleas, the BEST tip we can provide is to prune your azaleas after they have finished flowering. Prune deciduous azaleas while they are dormant and leafless. Lastly, NEVER prune azaleas with hedge trimmers!

Need further help with your azaleas or want someone to help install and maintain them? Click the logo below to link you to our website.

GreenStreet Landscape Company has a highly experienced and knowledgeable team to help you with any of your landscaping needs. Call or text us at 423-240-2748 or send an email to

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